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The Memory Assessment & Research Centre is an internationally-renowned and award-winning research centre for clinical trials into dementia, mild cognitive impairment and memory problems.

MARC logo.jpgMARC was originally established by Dr. David Wilkinson at Moorgreen Hospital over 30 years ago. MARC now have two co-directors; Professor Clive Holmes (Professor of Biological Psychiatry at University of Southampton) is the director of academic research at MARC and Dr. Brady McFarlane (Consultant Psychiatrist in Older People's Mental Health) is director of commercial trials at MARC. The MARC team is multi-disciplinary, including: academics, consultants, research nurses, pharmacy, health psychologist, research assistants and admin - to learn more about the MARC team, click here.

MARC conduct various pharmaceutical trials, academic studies and observational trials to learn more about how to diagnose, treat, cure and prevent dementia. To learn more about our current trials – click here. There are a range of benefits in taking part in research, you can learn more about these benefits and about our participants’ experiences of taking part in clinical trials, by clicking here.

MARC have been involved and collaborated in a variety of trials over the years that have changed and developed our understanding of dementia. MARC were involved with the original trials into all of the current treatment options that are prescribed to people with dementia, including: Donepezil, Memantine, Galantamine & Rivastigmine. MARC have also collaborated on a number of trials that have changed our understanding of dementia, to learn more about our previous studies and collaborations – click here.

MARC also offer a number of services alongside the clinical research including the Friends of MARC initiative (patient and public advisory and involvement), education sessions about research and current directions of dementia trials, and support to students. To find out more about our current news, events and updates – click here.

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Address: Memory Assessment & Research Centre, Tom Rudd Unit, Moorgreen Hospital, Botley Road, West End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 3JB

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